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Baked fresh daily to eat in or take-away - also available frozen to be reheated

$6.90 Ground Beef - “The Original” pie satisfying the Australians since the early 1900's. Lean ground beef in gourmet gravy with tomato & spices

$8.90 Chunky Beef - Slow braised chunky steak in gourmet gravy with tomato & spices

$8.90 Pepper Steak - Slow braised chunky steak in gourmet gravy, tomato & spices with cracked black pepper

$9.90 Lamb - Minced lamb braised in Madeira sauce, potatoes, carrots & peas, flavored with rosemary & garlic

$7.90 Chicken, Bacon & Mush - Sautéed chicken breast, smoked bacon & mushroom in bechamel sauce

$7.90 Thai Chicken - Chicken breast in a spicy, fresh green curry, green pepper, cilantro, lime & coconut milk

$7.90 VEGAN Tofu Curry - Tofu & garden peas simmered in a mild Madras curry with tomatoes & onion

$7.90 VEGAN Ratatouille - Roasted bell pepper, carrot, onion, zucchini, eggplant with tomato & basil

BREKKIE (Breakfast in Aussie) PIES: 
$7.90 Bacon & Sausage Brekkie - Creamy eggs, tomato, potato, onion, mushroom, sausage & bacon
$7.90 Veggie Brekkie - Creamy eggs, tomato, spinach, potato, onion & mushroom


Baked fresh daily to eat in or take-away (also available frozen to be reheated)

$3.50 Apple Pie - A traditional American Apple Pie!

$3.50 Blueberry Pie - A traditional American Blueberry Pie!


$3.95 Sausage Roll - Homemade seasoned pork sausage rolled in our delectable puff pastry

$3.95 Spinach & Feta Roll - Homemade spinach & feta rolled in our delectable puff pastry


$11.90 Fish & Chips - Cod pieces lightly battered, thick cut potato chips, homemade coleslaw & tartar sauce

$3.95 Thick Cut Potato Chips - Thick cut potato chips

$3.95 Sweet Potato Chips - Thick cut sweet potato chunky chips

$6.50 Quinoa Salad - Quinoa, cucumber, tomato, peppers, cilantro & homemade Italian/Australian dressing

$4.50 House Salad - Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber & radish with homemade Italian/Australian dressing

$2.20 Avocado - Fresh cut to add to salad


$3.50 Lamington -  Angel food cake (sponge) soaked in dark chocolate syrup then rolled in fancy shredded coconut

$3.50 Caramel Slice - A crunchy, coconut & Graham crackers base with condensed milk & caramel, topped with a layer of hard set premium dark chocolate

$3.50 Custard Tart - Crunchy puff pastry crust filled with egg custard.  The custard tart in Australia is legendary among cyclists as a reward for ascending a particularly steep mountain pass.

$2.75 ANZAC Biscuit - a sweet biscuit popular in Australia made using rolled oats, flour, coconut, sugar, butter & Golden Syrup. The term ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) is protected under Australian law and cannot be used in Australia without permission from the Minister for Veterans' AffairsBut, as we are in The USA... we can use it!

Re-Heating Instructions!! 

Pre-heat oven to 350 F; Place FROZEN on baking tray. 
5" Pies - 45/50 mins; Brekkie Pies - 30mins; 3" pies - 25/30mins; Rolls - 25/30mins
Stab with a fork to ensure heated through... ENJOY!
(Please note if pies are room temperature or refrigerated less baking time is required)


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