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Lifesaving in Australia

A Brief History

In the early 20th century, swimming in daylight hours was against the law. In true Aussie fashion, swimmers in began defying authority and took to the water in greater numbers. As more people began to challenge the law, it was eventually reversed, but inexperienced swimmers were having trouble with Sydney’s notoriously dangerous surf conditions. Some even drowned in the huge surf and dangerous rip tides.

Why Bronzed Aussie?

Australians love the outdoors – especially the beach. Australia’s surf life savers (volunteer surf rescue) with their red and yellow caps and red “cozzies” (short for swimming costumes ie. swim suits) are among the most iconic images in the world. Some say the term “bronzed Aussie” had its origins with the earliest lifesavers who patrolled Australia’s beaches, their skin tanned to a deep bronze color from long hours in the sun.

Others say it refers to the Bronze Medallion Australian surf livesavers receive when they pass the test to become a qualified Surf Lifesaver. What’s not in question is that Surf Lifesaving has been an accepted part of Australian culture for more than a century. It has grown to be the largest volunteer-based community organisation in Australia, with more than 25,000 men and women on active patrol, as well as being a highly competitive sport.

It’s these two qualities – community service and competition in a fun and healthy environment – that we seek to celebrate and champion with our Bronzed Aussie pies.

Our Story

In response, volunteer groups of men organized to train in life saving and beach patrol. The original surf life saving club is a matter of contention between Sydney’s Bronte beach club, which claims to have had its first meeting in 1903 and Bondi beach, neighbouring beaches on Sydney's Southern side..

There are now 305 surf lifesaving clubs in Australia, with around 25,000 active members rostered on for regular patrol. Unlike paid life guards in other countries, life savers in Australia join – and patrol - on a voluntary basis.

On any given patrol you are likely to find tradesmen, entrepreneurs, mums, office workers, students and captains of industry together.

They train and socialise in an environment where in cozzies, everyone’s equal.

Over a century, surf lifesaving has grown to be the largest volunteer-based community organisation in Australia. As coastal suburbs became more populated, so did surf clubs. Larger clubs, such as Mooloolaba in Queensland and Sydney’s Bondi and Manly, boast memberships over 1500.

Bronzed Aussie is the dream of Australian entrepreneur Samantha Bryan. Deciding she wanted to eat her native pies in Los Angeles, she teamed up with a Michelin Star trained Australian executive chef.

Pies are an icon in Australia and are enjoyed by people from all walks of life and all ages. Introducing a new level of quick-service,               eat-in-your-hand, no fuss, affordable gourmet food.

Another little known secret about Australia is our love for quality espresso coffee. Bronzed Aussie has an espresso bar serving the finest quality beans supplied by Longshot Coffee.

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